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The first in a new series of European driving tours from Vicarious Books.

This tour encompasses five cities, four countries, and two world wars. The tour visits one of the most beautiful sections of river in Europe, a Roman capital, a national park where wild cats roam free and a town where Christmas gifts are sold all year. It will take you from the highest point in the Netherlands to below the streets of Arras. This tour can be completed in any month. Bruges and Valkenburg can be enjoyed the year round and both have large Christmas markets. The Moselle valley comes alive with wine festivals in the autumn. The Eifel National Park will be delightful from spring to autumn. Visiting the First World War cemeteries is a moving experience at any time of year, and perhaps more so during the 100th anniversary period. The theatre of war is now an attractive and fertile agricultural landscape, but in some respects the best time to visit is on bitterly cold, windy or rainy days when you can get a better sense of the suffering endured. Distances have been provided between each destination, but no time limit has been specified. It is for you to take as much time as you need. That said, this tour could be completed in a week if only one night was spent in each place, but two weeks should be sufficient.

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Route Planner Key Features

  • Driving directions and GPS coordinates for all destinations
  • 6 walking tours
  • City maps for easy navigation on foot
  • GPS coordinates for Motorhome stopovers (aires), campsites, hotels, restaurants/cafes, shops and parking
  • Useful hints and tips on where to park, eat, shop and stay, plus tips and tricks, further Information, additional places to visit and dates of local festivals
  • Price guide for stopovers, campsites, hotels and restaurants
  • Suitable all year round
  • Flexible timeline of 1-4 weeks

Countries visited:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
Arras from the town hall belfry on European road trip route
Village on European road trip route
Faubourg d'amiens cemetary on European road trip route
Common European cold snacks on European road trip route
European cycling on road trip route
hurtgen motorhome stopover parking on European road trip route

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